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Case study - SKY PM drop in service - SKYPositiveMinds

Case study – Dewsbury Moor Drop in Service
Rukhsana (name changed to protect confidentiality) attends the drop in surgery often.
She is a single parent with children and has experienced domestic abuse five years ago.
Rukhsana is struggling with parenting her older son who is now 14, he does not take care
of his personal hygiene and spends hours son his phone and the TV.
Rukshana feels really low and doesn’t know how she can get him to change. The
children’s father wants contact with them and this is currently taking place in a contact
centre. Rukhsana is worried that he will take the children and not return them. She
struggles expressing her self to the solicitor and at court. She also suffers from mental ill
health and epilepsy.
Issues identified:
• Parenting
• Relationships
• Mental & Physical Health
• Legal.
The strategies offered include:
• Having confidence to talk to the solicitors and expressing what she wants
• Writing things down so it creates a shift from her mind on to a paper.
• Let go of the past
• Focus on looking after yourself and doing things you like doing
• Have belief in yourself that you can make change.
• Take positive action – just small steps.
• Keep persevering with son, guide and advise to the best you can and then leave him to
it. Keep revisiting it regularly.
• Manage emotions and stress.