SKY Positive Minds : Shaffia Khatun : Champs Academy

The response of SKY Positive Minds to the false and malicious allegations made by Champs Academy.

SKY Positive Minds prides itself in delivering first-class service and has received 100% positive feedback for changing the lives of so many women and children.

Shaffia Khatun

We were aware that Shaffia Khatun held a licence to deliver the Champs Academy programme and therefore contracted her to do some work in schools on our behalf. However, once she notified us that she’d terminated her contract we ceased using any of their materials with immediate affect. Shaffia remains a valued active participant at our organisation and we will continue contracting her to build on the excellent progress that we have made.

Champs Academy

SKY Positive Minds has absolutely no affiliation with Champs Academy and has no interest in using any of their material. In any case, we are a community organisation that offers many of our services for free to a much broader audience and Champs Academy are a business that charges a fee for their services.

SKY Positive Minds is a completely transparent community organisation and we are always happy to share details of our board of trustees, policies and constitution. Therefore, to insinutate that our service users may be left vulnerable and to contact schools and local organisations to demand that our services be ceased and cancelled is in our opinion defamatory, malicious, shameful and disgusting. Please feel free to email ku.gr1575966343o.sdn1575966343iMevi1575966343tisoP1575966343ykS@o1575966343fnI1575966343 if you require further clarity on this matter.